High-Capacity FlowControl Cold Runner Technology

We’re experts in FlowControl cold runner injection molding. Ideal for fabrication of large parts, it provides lower prices, reduced lead times, and higher product quality and consistency.

  • Saves time and material by allowing different article sizes in one mold and considerably reducing cure time
  • Can be used for almost all elastomer articles and more types of rubber compounds, since you don’t have to worry about heat sensitivity
  • Allows fast design changes, as gate locations can be easily changed or upgraded

Injection Press Size and Capacity

We specialize in high-volume molding, with over 15 vertical and horizontal injection presses with tonnages varying from 250 ton up to 1,000 ton, to produce a wide variety of parts with cold runner, hot runner, flashless and vacuum technologies.

Automated Metal Coating Preparation

We specialize in bonding elastomers to metal for all types of applications. Our automated process controls the metal preparation from start to finish to ensure the highest quality bond strength, with ultra-high finishing quality, consistency and productivity performance, reducing overspray for better process control.

Lean Automation and Robotics

Our team invests in lean automation and robotics in all of our major plant areas, metal prep, molding and finishing to control critical processes in the elastomer manufacturing.

Cryogenic Deflasher and Auto Trim

Every metal to rubber component naturally has flash after molding, which is time-consuming, labor intensive and risky for the operator. Our cryogenic deflasher and automatic trim processes deflash parts quicker than rotary tumbling or hand sanding operations.

Compression Press Capacity

With over 60 compression press openings to accommodate all tooling sizes and configurations, we manufacture elastomers with compression, transfer and bottomless pot tooling. The simplicity of compression molds can offer relatively short delivery times and prices.

Injection Molding Machine

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