• Indian Companies Jack Crudup leaves Tulsa, Oklahoma, and moves to Grand Prairie, Texas, to form Polymer Products Incorporated (PPI) with his business partner Bryant Reed. They provide custom polyurethane to the growing oil and gas market.
  • Jack and Steve 1977 Steve Crudup and Jack Crudup start Indian Industries to distribute custom molded elastomers and other products. Indian distributes for a molded rubber manufacturer out of California.
  • IRC founded 1981 Steve Crudup, Kenny Lein, and Jack Longpre founded Indian Rubber Company to provide custom molded rubber solutions to a wide variety of industries.
  • Polymer Products Jack Crudup retires and Steve Crudup purchases Polymer Products, still located in Grand Prairie.
  • Industries Kentucky web Indian Industries establishes the Indian Material Handling Division in Kentucky to distribute material handling equipment and parts.
  • IGM - Costa Rica Steve and Clay Crudup form Indian Global Manufacturing in Costa Rica to provide metal machine parts, tooling and custom metal manufacturing.
  • Griffith Aerial Polymer Products purchases Griffith Polymers in Tualatin, Oregon, diversifying their offering of custom molded polyurethane products. Griffith has been a leader in liquid cast urethane solutions for over 50 years.