Quality Commitment

We focus on quality from the start by confirming the specifications of all materials while ensuring lot traceability, protecting proprietary information and guaranteeing batch-to-batch consistency. We visually inspect every single part for conformance to design criteria.

Controlled Tolerances

Dimensional tolerance requirements are critical. Our quality control system, based on the principles of ISO 9001:2015, is a comprehensive system of procedures that guide our daily tasks, including quality inspection on every production run. Manufacturing software ensures your job is done to specifications and completed on time.

Our precision instruments include:


  • Instron Tensometer 3345
  • Rheometer Alpha MDR 2000
  • 12” Mitutoyo Linear Height Gage
  • Mitutoyo Quick Image OI-A2017C
  • Hardness Tester HR-150A
  • Compression Set Fixture
  • Pin Gages
  • Gage Blocks
  • Mitutoyo Digital Calipers
  • Mitutoyo Digital Micrometers
  • First article inspection (FAI) reports
  • Critical dimension inspection report
  • SPC
  • Final inspection report

Production Mapping

Process mapping helps us document processes, gain insights, brainstorm improvements and increase communication so we can identify and prevent bottlenecks, repetition and delays.

Quality Culture

Excellence demands a commitment to quality at every level, from culture to process and products. Our comprehensive strategy is designed to:

  • Build a healthy quality culture
  • Deploy improvement tools, such as ISO 9001:2015
  • Increase capabilities
  • Reduce variation
  • Enhance quality assurance of suppliers, products and services
  • Manage a portfolio of strategic quality projects
  • Monitor and continuously improve key quality metrics

Quality Assurance Inspection and Testing

Indian Rubber adheres to our own high standards of manufacturing and to ASTM requirements for testing. Rubber compounds undergo a combination of tests to assure high quality and performance our customers have come to expect.

This includes tests to check tensile strength, elongation, and hardness, with access to lab equipment to test tear resistance, specific gravity, compression set, electricity resistivity, abrasion resistance, high/low temperature resistance, heat aging, immersion testing and cure cycle testing.

During the manufacturing process, Indian Rubber builds in specific inspection steps, depending on the product, application and the production technique employed. These checks include: Visual inspection for defects, hardness testing, and adhesive bond testing.

In addition, you may have specific tests and inspections you require during the manufacturing operation. Indian Rubber will perform these tests and inspections to your exacting specifications to ensure top quality.

Quality commitment

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