At IGM, we have the equipment and know-how to quickly design and produce accurate component part samples that can be checked for usability. We achieve this because our company thoroughly understands the specific nature of first-run machined parts that absolutely must be made to the most exacting specifications.


Precision machining is a process that allows for the manufacturing of parts that meet or exceed the specifications of those who order them. If yours is a company that assembles any type of products that are made using metal parts, which require close tolerance finishes, you will want those parts to be precision-machined.


There are many different mechanical machining processes used to shape precision-made metal parts. Among the most popular is computer numerical control milling (CNC), a precise and efficient process that produces parts with extremely tight tolerance, which means the parts have extremely strict design parameters.

This advanced machining process uses rotating cutting devices to precisely remove material from a piece of metal to fabricate that metal into a precisely crafted working part. Advanced CNC milling machinery, controlled by computers, ensures precision in cuts and enables exact process duplication.

The CNC milling process has become so advanced and precise that it’s now also used on more sensitive materials. This includes polymer plastics, wood and even glass that can be milled in such a precise manner that it will not crack.


Vertical milling allows for a variety of operations to be performed on a workpiece in order to create precision components used in many industries.


This milling configuration allows for various cutting operations and is particularly effective for machining large or heavy workpieces that may be challenging to handle in a vertical milling setup. The choice between horizontal and vertical milling often depends on factors such as the size and shape of a work piece, production volume and specific machining requirements.



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