Our dedication to quality includes using the following tools to ensure excellence in our products.

Quality Control Equipment:

PH-A14 Horizontal Optical Comparator – Series 172

  • Suitable for thread pitch measurements. Blurred or distorted images will not be produced when the work piece is angled. 
  • Inverted image on the day-bright screen. 
  • 14” (356) diameter protractor screen with crosshairs and staggered lines for easy alignment. 
  • Heavy-duty work piece table incorporates linear scales for fast, accurate measurement. 


  • The FaroArm® is the preeminent portable coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) that allows manufacturers easy verification of product quality by performing
    • 3D inspections 
    • Tool certifications
    • CAD comparison 
    • Dimensional analysis
    • Reverse engineering
    • And more


  • Multiple simultaneous measurements can be executed with a single click.
  • An illustrated guidance tool provides instructions for carrying out measurement.
  • High-resolution images enable smooth observation and measurement.
  • Icon-based macros enable maximum ease of use.
  • Alignment of the work piece is automatically located via pattern recognition.
  • Provides quick results of features (GO/NG/PASS/FAIL).


  • Establish reference dimensions for accurate tool calibration.
  • Verify precision of machined components during and after machining.
  • Set cutting tool height on milling machines and lathes accurately.
  • Ensure machined components meet specified tolerances and quality standards.
  • Contribute to accurate and repeatable measurements in machining processes.
  • Also used to verify angles and squareness in machining setups.