We’re an authorized Parker EMG (Parker Seal) distributor and can support you with high performance sealing solutions based on your specific application requirements.

  • Gask-O-Seals
  • Integral Seals
  • Fastener and Fitting Seals
  • PTFE FlexiSeals
  • Dynamic Metal Seals
  • Ultra-High-Temperature Metallic Seals
  • Metal Seals
  • Plastic Seals
  • PTFE FlexiLip Rotary Seals
  • FlexiCase Rotary Seals
  • Custom Molded or Machined Shapes
  • Rubber Bonded to Metal or Plastic
  • Custom Fabricated Shapes
  • Custom and Standard Extruded Profiles
  • ParFab Extruded Profiles / Spliced Products

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