Disposable Face Shields

Our Story:

As the impact of COVID-19 started to spread across the country and affect hospitals and businesses, Indian Industries decided to pivot and find a way to use our manufacturing resources for the production of disposable face shields.  We wanted to help the frontline medical worker.  We wanted to help the essential business employee that’s working on the plant floor.  We wanted to help the warehouse worker that’s shipping critical supplies.  We wanted to help the dentist and dental assistants in their practice. 

Our team quickly came up with a design concept and brought it to life.  We’ve produced thousands of disposable face shields to support hospitals, dental practices, manufacturing companies, and communities throughout the country.  This small idea while at first was to find a way to retain employees while helping others in need has now developed into something much bigger than we ever imagined.  We’re honored to be able to produce and supply disposable face shields during these difficult and uncertain times.


Shield Dimensions: 13” x 9”

Shield Material: PET

Forehead Pad: Foam

Elastic Band: Latex Free

Made In U.S.A.

* Disclaimer: This product isn't FDA approved and isn't intended to prevent infections or diseases.


10 Face Shields per bag -- 100 units per case.


$2.50 EA ($250.00 per case)

$2.00 EA ($200.00 per case) -- 50+ cases (5,000+ units)


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*For orders larger than 10 cases (1,000 units), please contact sales at Info@indian-industries.com or call us at 817-265-6731. 


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Call one of our sales representatives at: 817-265-6731 or 

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Disposable Face Shields